A pimp brought a 17-year-old to Miami for Super Bowl Week. He could get life in prison



A Connecticut pimp’s planned tour of major tourist and sporting events with two women and a 17-year-old girl ended with the first stop, January 2020 during Super Bowl Week in Miami. And he’ll be watching the next several Super Bowls from federal prison.

Edward Walker, 48, will be sentenced Jan. 6 after his jury trial convictions on sex trafficking by force and coercion, sex trafficking of a minor and by force and coercion, and transporting a person for sexual activity. Depending on the sentences and whether they run concurrently or consecutively, Walker could be sentenced anywhere from 10 years to life in federal prison.

So, Walker won’t be pimping for a while at an NBA All-Star Game, Mardi Gras or in Las Vegas, which the U.S. Justice Department says was on his itinerary after the Super Bowl.

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Prostitution in Kendall and South Beach

The criminal complaint says after an undercover officer answered an online ad for “Foxxy” and met her at the Comfort Suites Inn in Kendall, 3901 117th Ave., Walker, the two women and the 17-year-old, known as “Red,” all were taken to Miami-Dade police’s special victims bureau for interviews.

“Foxxy” said the other three were planning on moving to Arizona from Connecticut, but coming to Miami for Super Bowl Week. Once here, she said, Walker told them to dress up because he was taking them someplace fun. That turned out to be a strip club, where she thought she saw Walker score some cocaine and definitely knew Walker tried to get the women jobs.

The club owner refused to hire them without identification. So, “Foxxy” told police, Walker took the other two women to Marshalls to buy them high-heeled shoes. Eight days before the Super Bowl, Walker told them they were running low on cash.

He took the women to Ocean Drive and “ordered the three women to “walk around” with their new shoes,” the complaint said. Foxxy “stated that the shoes became uncomfortable and [Red] quickly got a blister on her foot, which began to bleed. Walker then bought hydrogen peroxide and bandages, gave them to the Minor Victim, and told the Minor Victim to clean up and put her shoes back to continue walking.

“Because businesses on Ocean Drive generally close at 5 a.m., Walker did not allow the women back into the hotel room until 6 a.m . when Walker would be sure that all the businesses were closed.”

“Foxxy” said Walker said “he loves broken girls” and that he made the other woman and 17-year-old Red shave their heads. She also said she saw Walker tell Red “if she did not make him enough money by prostituting herself, he was going to punch her.”

Walker put them back on the Ocean Drive track the next day at 8 a.m. When they didn’t make any money, Walker decided to advertise online.

Red told investigators she had done that before, on backpage.com while in Connecticut. She also said Walker had taken her to Texas before.


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