Sun in Sagittarius brings a time to shoot your shot



With Sagittarius ruling the skies from Nov. 22 through Dec. 21, 2021, the time is nigh to let freedom ring. A beacon of this sovereign season has arrived with the news of the emancipation of fellow archer Britney Spears. 

When the sun is in Sagittarius, those born under it feel at home and in their power while the rest of us are influenced by the buoyant, intrepid energy of the sign. While the influence of Scorpio season called us to retreat into the proverbial basement of the soul, Sagittarius wants us to come into the crowd — with or without a paisley headband — and join in the ecstatic dancing. To quote apex archer Jim Morrison, “The time to hesitate is through,” folks. 

A Mutable sign, Sagittarius is the liminal space between the harvest of fall and the bare fields of winter. As such, Sagittarius is imbued with a forward-facing approach; it reveres what has passed but looks ever forward — and with unfailing optimism — toward what might yet be. Ruled by dice-throwing, life-loving, luck-dealing planet Jupiter, Sagittarius is born for risk-taking and reward-reaping.

As a Fire sign, Sagittarius follows the Latin adage, “Fortune favors the bold.” Preferring action to hesitation and the mysterious to the mundane, Sagittarius trots hopefully and more than a little recklessly toward the edges and extremes of human experience. A proverbial “yes” man, Sag season asks us to seek higher knowledge and new horizons, be it in a book, a drive without destination or the body of another person. Sag reminds us that many things are possible when we meet them with enthusiasm and a shot glass full of swagger.

Read on for key dates and sage advice. 

Mercury enters Sagittarius 

Mercury — the planet of sexting, information-processing and interpersonal communication — moves into idealistic Sagittarius on Nov. 24. This transit encourages us to imagine a brighter, braver future for ourselves. Because thought begets speech, which gives live birth to action, this is a prime time to capitalize on — and communicate openly about — wild dreams and far-flung schemes. 

Sagittarius season asks us to seek higher knowledge and new horizons, be it in a book, a drive without destination or the body of another person.
Sagittarius season asks us to seek higher knowledge and new horizons, be it in a book, a drive without destination or the body of another person.
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New Moon in Sagittarius 

The final New Moon of the year arrives on Dec. 4. Coinciding with a solar eclipse, this New Moon will be an emotional one for those with serious Sag placements: Sun, Moon or Rising. In astrology, the New Moon offers the opportunity to cast wishes toward the limitless potential of the dark sky. Believe that what you want, wants you back. 

Mars enters Sagittarius 

Mars — the warrior planet of sex, aggression and general gumption — moves out of the cloak-and-dagger realm of Scorpio and into swashbuckling Sagittarius on Dec. 13. Here we have a Fire planet in a Fire sign making action somewhat inevitable. To mitigate scorched earth, be honest but tactful, resourceful but never ruthless. This energy operates at its highest potential when we explore places near and far and seek opportunities small or grand.

Full Moon in Gemini

The last Full Moon of the year on Dec. 18 falls in Gemini, the sign directly opposite Sagittarius on the zodiac wheel. Cue Pink Floyd’s “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” because ideation, expression and adventure will be the focus of this lunation. While Gemini governs logic and language, Sagittarius encourages higher thought and expanded possibilities. The polarity of this Full Moon is the pull between the known and the unmapped, hometown vs. new horizons. Prepare for a culmination that begs us to route and reign in the hydraulic power of our own stream of consciousness.

On Dec. 19 Venus — the planet of love, beauty and possessions — goes retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. Because Venus rules both valuables and the value we put on ourselves, old insecurities rise when the plant goes retrograde. Body shame, feelings of unworthiness, longing for and dreams about exes, and a desire to only have sex in the dark are hallmarks of this transit. For single folk, this period can feel daunting: How will I ever be loved when I am unworthy, unattractive? Are my best relationships in the past? Repeat after me: you are enough. And, because we can only attract that which we already possess, it’s high time to start loving the ever-living hell out of yourself. For those in relationships, the bloom may seem very much off the rose, replaced with petty jealousy and the begrudging mechanics of monogamy. Remember to be kind — and that this, like all things, shall pass. Practical advice: Cosmetic procedures, bold haircuts, political slogan tattoos and any other serious aesthetic shakeups are not advisable during Venus Retrograde. 

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